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 The ntb difference....


We at ntb group have been both clients and consultants. We know that the most effective way for us to grow our business is to provide YOU with exceptional value.


Our dedication to our clients and our commitment is unequaled. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver complete solutions at fair prices.

 We pledge to work within our clients' budgets and to deliver the best solution possible. We ensure that our clients know ALL costs and options upfront. There are never last minute charges for services or mystery fees.


 We hold ourselves to the highest personal and professional ethical values. Our honesty and commitment to client satisfaction is the foundation of our company.


 Our Technology people have worked in some of the largest high-tech companies in the world. Our team has consulted for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and others. Their experience ranges from sophisticated Wall Street trading systems to top secret systems for government agencies. We bring that expertise to every one of our customers.


Our Business Continuity people have worked for some of the largest Wall Street banks, where the inability to be ‘open for business’ is not an option; loss of data is not tolerated; and every risk is identified, evaluated and planned for.


Our Emergency Management and Homeland Security personnel have worked on some of the worst disasters in history. From 9-11and  Ground Zero to Hurricane Katrina and dozens of things before, between and since; we have seen too much pain and suffering. Our expertise is indispensable, our experience invaluable. We are 100% committed to the safety, security and education of our clients, our personnel and the American people.


It IS about more than money. It IS about everything we hold dear.


Talk to us about the ntb difference; call 772-538-1921.




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